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 Guide-Scout Blood Donor Partners for Life

During the  year Scouting and Guiding cooperate as part of Canadian Blood Services "Partners for Life" program.  Adults who donate blood can sign up for the program so that every donation they make (at any donation location in Canada) is credited toward our annual goal.

We hope that you will consider taking part - whether you are a regular donor, occasional donor or a first-time one!   To sign up for "Partners For Life" with us, please sign up online or print and complete this form and email to our Donor Relations Manager at Canadian Blood Services or drop off at any clinic location.  OuPartner ID is SCOU008370.  Thank you.

Your Blood Donor Challenge and Partners for Life Volunteer Reps:

 Reche McKeague, for Bridging Rivers Area Girl Guides                      Yvette Woodrow, for Prairie Heartland Scouts



The History of the Blood Donor Challenge

For almost 20 years, Guiding and Scouting held an annual Blood Donor Challenge competition, first at the Saskatoon clinic of the Red Cross and then at the Canadian Blood Services Saskatoon clinic:  it began in the early 90s, organized by Jim Robson of the 6th North Park Scout Group.   For the month of February Canadian Blood Services kept track of those who signed in as donating on behalf of Scouting or Guiding and a friendly competition ensued.  Now we cooperate, rather than compete, toward the annual Partners for Life goal.

Donating blood provides an opportunity for adults who support our organizations to give community service by helping to fill the need for blood - the "Gift of Life".  The month chosen to activitely advertise includes the February 22nd birthday of the founder of our organizations, Robert Baden-Powell, and his wife, Olave.  The challenge also falls during Heart Month - a time for "gifts from the heart".