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  What level (branch) of Guiding do we choose?


The Spark Program

Sparks (K to Grade 1) The Spark program exposes our younger girls to a wide variety of activities and allows them to explore the world around them in the company of other girls their age. Click here for the Unit Finder

The Brownie Program

Brownies (Grades 2-3)  The Brownie program is about giving girls an opportunity to develop a sense of identity and a positive relationship with others by participating in a varied, hands-on program. Click here for the Unit Finder

The Guide Program

Guides (Grades 4-6) The Guide program encourages girls to live by the values laid out in the Promise and Law. Click here for the Unit Finder

The Pathfinder Program

Pathfinders (Grades 7 - 9) The Pathfinder program is designed to offer choice and flexibility. Girls design and plan activities with the assistance of adult mentors .Click here for the Unit Finder

The Ranger Program

Rangers (Grades 10 -12) The Ranger program offers girls the opportunity to create the experience THEY want. Click here for the Unit Finder

Extraordinary Options Trex Units (Grades 7-12) Looking for extra adventures? Trex Units meet less often and tend to focus on large projects, trips, or adventures such as canoeing, hiking, and camping. Click here for the Unit Finder
Women Women (Age 18+) Membership is open to women of all ages, 5 to 105. Come join us now! click here to see a list of Trefoil Guild in Bridging Rivers Area