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  Travel Assistance


When Saskatchewan restructured its Areas, 70 percent of the assets of the previous Areas came to Bridging Rivers Area.   As this was a one-time appropriation, council wanted to ensure that our girls and Guiders continued to receive the financial support that had been previously available.  To facilitate this we asked for all pertinent motions from the previous Areas. With these motions in mind, Bridging Rivers Area Council passed motions to create the following subsidies: 

  1.   Bridging Rivers Area Council will provide, upon personal application, a subsidy of 10% of trip costs, excluding personal items, to a maximum of $300, to girls or adults selected for Interprovincial or International events.

2.    2.  Bridging Rivers Area Council will provide, upon individual personal application, a subsidy of $50 per member to those participating in Interprovincial or International Independent trips that involve girl members.  To qualify for this assistance the trip must have some sort of service work involved.

 Letters of request can be sent to the Bridging Rivers Area office and will be forwarded to Council for consideration.