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  What do I need for uniform?


Girl Guides of Canada is a uniformed organization. There are many options to choose from but unless your Unit Guider has indicated otherwise, the basic uniform pieces you will need are listed below.


Please note: Previous uniform styles can always be worn


Uniform pieces required
Sparks Tshirt, Badge Sash, Tie, the Activity Book is available but is optional
Brownies Tshirt, Badge Sash, Tie, Program Book
Guides Tshirt, Badge Sash, Tie, Program Book ***Note: The Reef Knot pin is recommended for holding the Badge Sashes together but is optional
Pathfinders Tshirt, Tie, Sash or Pin Tab, Program Book
Rangers Tshirt, Tie, Pin Tab, Program Book
Adults Tshirt, Pin Tab

Uniform pieces are available:

Through our National On-line Store.


If you have questions about the National On-line Store click here to be directed to our FAQ page for the store